The Timeline

The initial release wasn’t what it has become right now. Dully inspired to thoughtlessly praising anything liked, the entries simply full of trash and inferior idea. It’s getting crowded by pirating other sites soon. Such thinking actually crossed and turned into real act of a jerk that I’m sure I lived in a non-supporting environment. Namely evecadenza, premature username I used globally back then and once it was blocked for infringement of legal contents, the moniker died along. The worthless thought still lived for a while after migrating here I want to shout to my past self to learn from mistake and some socially acceptable sense.

That’s adolescence to me, I started to think what’s the point of keep doing pointless things of which credit goes for others. Lots of entries thrown away, left those which fell to the genre of piece of life, anime, or both. Still worthless enough with my somewhat cheeky impressions and smart-ass comments. Perhaps just my arrogant nature though, that it didn’t bother me at all. This place was more of private diary of my boring days before visual novel had me interested.

First write I submitted was surprisingly not that outstanding of a title. One with disabled heroines, weird conversations, minimal interface, rough art, and voice-less. Come to think of it, my impression was over-exaggerated for such low-end, but that’s how I feel for a noob in VN realm. Then since it’s not far ahead already, why not a write back from the first ever accomplished and keep going after that.

Primarily it’s for the sake of accomplishment, so how everything written are not that lightweight and do have a feel of exaggeration. With the way this place entirely dedicated for select category some time after, I don’t feel the need to overhauled my style as my defined principle, the things restrained to the write.


The Restricted Law to Principle

1. Altruism, I write for myself
2. Emotion, objective is by-the-logic concept
3. Nescience, Read before you Read
4. Philistine, projecting the most literal
5. Redundancy, tag redes
6. Virtue, twisted notion to value
7. Rationality, bias by fetishism and favoritism

First. As said, I write for the sake of accomplishment, without thinking objectively, rationally, and about consumability.

Second. Mostly subjective and cold. Disregarding inner quality of story just because the characters don’t fit my criteria instantiates one of the epitome.

Third. Since first, it’s not weird for the most to contain spoiler. Just read the actual goods before read it here.

Fourth. Because I like to learn and localization often ignore the literal translation since it’s too rigid and wouldn’t sound natural. Unfortunately, many change the actual meaning despite being sensible. ‘One language is better understood in that language’, which bring me to this. It doesn’t matter if it’s weird, as long I understand what it points in native. Proverb and some alike are exceptional though, but it’s fun to learn the story behind the words.

Fifth. It’s tiring, redundant, and ugly to keep warning every entry for spoiler they contain. This one specifically put to explain the existence of spoiler tag, as well the review part originally.

Sixth. Impressions I have don’t fit common sense and human moral sense on some certain circumstances of which target audience belong to minority.

Seventh. Heroine suitable to my type would be as promising as it gets in spite of low-powered route. On the contrary, one subjected to piece to avoid would be difficult for a highlight unless she does have astounding impact.


The Origin

Skyvory, derived from universe, a branch from elements of cosmic latte, the average color.

Self-definition derived by fabricated notion of sky and vore, means devoured as is by the firmament.


  1. Cpk

    First of all, it seems that you are putting in a lot of work into this blog, which is great.

    But forgive me for meddling in someone else’s business, but I feel you use some extremely difficult vocabulary (some of which I don’t even know the meaning of) while neglecting sentence structure. So I’m not sure if you are really good at English and you simply do not care about grammar, or you actually care about writing more fluently but is struggling. If the latter is true, then you should try contacting someone to be your editor and proofread your work!


    1. Thanks, really appreciate you actually pointed this out.
      I do aware of my deficiency in my writing skill and pretty much sure I’m not suited for the work myself.
      At times I was influenced too much on a style of a writing I read at that moment while being so bad at grammar. A lot of messed up structure is mainly thanks for me just purposely put it like that or I wrote whatever I saw it fit. And my sense of aesthetics contributed the pointlessly difficult vocabulary which made readability a lot worse.
      Not that I’m really good at English this served well as sarcasm. (w) Even now still learning at it and often confused on one after another. Think I’m following bad practices around.
      So, it’s true I was struggling I guess. I’ve decided to drop this spare hobby anyway (recently) since I don’t feel I can keep up the extra effort.
      Sorry and really appreciate that you bother to tell me about that, after all, for the supportive comment.

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