Moero Downhill Night Review


Drive up a quite incomprehensible genre that one might get confused of what to make for racing without the race in control.  Turn out they made the player to pick the decision point after point with a short clip of video to show the feel of racing. Awesome… not really. I’m not sure myself whether the racing was gratifying enough or so-so. In spite of imagination running wild, lack of description and short clip of animation didn’t help at all. Setting is simple, if not, too small for the street racing, mostly took around the same downhill street at night, navigating the main heroine to victory. That is, Moero Downhill Night.

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Deus Machina Demonbane Review


Another one circulating around TSF-like gigantic and world-saver hero, messing around time and mystery amidst the grasp of faceless God. Projecting image of God, it said, by manifesting control of sorcery and mechanical giant, pulling over combinations of trumps against the enemy forces. Using several line ups of folklores and myths for references, some of the stories might related though they’re apparently mere rubbish talk and I didn’t get it myself. Deus Machina Demonbane, as the title suggests, the focus is all around divine built of that which smites evil, namely Demonbane.

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「忙しい人のための紅魔郷」|Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for Busy Person


Restless and fun-deprived as this semester presses me hard with projects counted more than expected where assignments and homework still pouring like how the rainy semester it is. My free time has fallen more than sixty percent and keeps getting lower as the final is approaching fast. In retrospect, I could simply blame the group I somehow always dragged in where I usually, if not completely do all the works alone. So, that brought me to the level which it doesn’t need high concentration and entertain me in the middle of lifeless days, a tasteful change of air in a while that identifying this from my previous read, the genre and scope were in another ground which new to me. In a nutshell, it is a Touhou parody full of fun, at least that what I got from accomplishing it in combined more or less 5 hours. From what I see, there are some more series of Touhou-based doujin like this one and just like the title implies, I kinda agree since I am a busy person myself. Thus, took me to play this one of the series, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for Busy Person.

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Miracle 「Kanon」


Reminiscence at far and away fantasy in nigh land, delivering the vintage possible momentum of VN yet into my timeline. A huge leap that’s a decade in comparison and nearly 15 counting from the original release. Dejected at uttermost possible state, the degradation from crystal clear Rewrite made this looks like a joke. Perhaps the sequence of priority was in mess, picking this felt like going back using a vga based cameraphone after took a hold of robust instance of digital single lens reflex. Grounding on real world scenario combined with fictitious phenomenon, the focal theme on this round still giving no relation with its title at all. Based on a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent as known as miracle, the stage spread into a snowfield of Kanon.

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Tellus 「Rewrite」|「リライト」 Review

Bring forth, over and more with divine astonishment by key fragments in state of the art masterpiece. In terms of visual and art, the overall nerve-encompassing credence, this assuredly is the most retina-twisting effort by Key yet. If anything, the entire aspects minus a certain point is the best I’ve experienced so far I might get dejected seeing something less impressive than this. Took in the afterwork scenario to mother nature, a sui generis arrangement right from the ground up through the means by which all plausible. That involved psychical and reasoning whilst surprisingly, infeasible alteration of physical capability is subject to off in real sense. Bestride ambivalence of vein lines in eidetically fresh and exquisite land of Kazamatsuri. In the term, power, fate, world, choice, cause and effect. The vast implication from nothing to everything composed the kernel as the development branches with one focal theme along with the emphasized as though a wheel of fate, gear of Rewrite.


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「リトルバスターズ!」アニメ|Little Busters! Anime

Little Busters! Anime

There it is, the just ended the most awaited and anticipated by those who love Key, fast paced like a usual VN-based animation entitled Little Busters. By the time the PV came out, I felt it would be awesome enough I might faint. But unfortunately, I didn’t. Bad news came in, telling the vast majority the change of voice filling for the partly voiced in VN, main character Naoe Riki. The other voice role change apply to Sasasegawa Sasami as well, though since she appeared not so often and the VA was able to keep up, it’s became a good go. Riki’s voice was slightly off indeed for spoiled fans, but since it couldn’t be helped, I had to bear with it and slowly adapt with his softer voice. Nonetheless, adding a bit of objective spice into thoughts, they did a great job to the adaptation despite absolute out of time overall.

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à deux「Princess Waltz」


Waltz around along the pride and their respective dress, by any means, six princesses fight each other whilst keeping their tiara intact. The hero in question, to be a little more accurate, heroine, though it doesn’t matter anymore after the midway, The prince of the Waltz in place whose appearance was quite convincing, but for a galge to have another actful character sticking close everytime to the protagonist is obviously deceiving. Countless twist to keep us exhilarated, the considered main selling point stood out to the point where it couldn’t be merely ignored anymore. Art-wise, dancing by fighting as a princess, the chosen one must for the prince, or something twisting and deep behind all of Princess Waltz.

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wktk「幼なじみは大統領」|Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~

Having my mind struck with everlasting state-of-the-art moe, it’s not exaggerated to say the cuteness makes people die blissfully. Hilarious parody to the extreme and overkill moeness all over the place, pretty unbelievable indeed to the extent where they surpassed the logic limit human could comprehend and perceive barehanded. Or the other way round, I might actually just overstate it since that it was the first time for me to experience something so ‘I want to hug her so much I don’t mind selling my soul to the devil’. Moe and politics typically don’t blend, though it sure is an exception here. Mend the sense into full-bore parody, made the place to be United States of Nippon where the protagonist took part along with his osananajimi and three others bishoujo in the presidential system. Needless to guess, 幼なじみは大統領。

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Amazed from get-go, lifting up the mood by relishing the novelty astonishment part of the whole enormously well-known MMORPG established in 2022, snatched the attention of vast majority into the Virtual Reality environment of Aincrad which resembling a flying tower with 100 levels inside. Not literally but rather being an online game entitled Sword Art Online aka SAO in an anime following that title, starting its debut on Summer 2012, took a whole 2 seasons for total 25 eps. As expected from and despite the moniker, the weaponry system has only short range artillery without any kind of magic. The outperforming-that-it’s-envying protagonist, Kirito as his pseudonym, Kirigaya Kazuto, got his life along with every people started the newly released out-of-beta SAO locked inside with their life in stake thanks to kiddy prank of the creator, Kayaba Akihiko, for removing the most fundamental function in online game, log out.

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