レミニセンス|Reminiscence Review


Lighthearted approach covering the mind-dazzling solution topped with smart unforeseen move to the narrow but serious cases in political expertise concerning the environments of immense underground cities. Through a few but long steps that it felt like a never-ending progress, everything is about the story of a helpless adult young man, not to mention broken was what he was described. Route after route unlocked fair up the proportion of matters deep equally which formed a comprehensive implicit to the next peculiarity. Not as what a nonsense self-complacency moniker, hero of the town, but more like a genius resourceful solved the problem and saved the life of respective heroines. Conduct along the deals and developments, concealed truth under the surface gradually kneaded its root, establishing connection of which essence settled the conflicting Reminiscence.

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School Days Review


Melancholic drama takes over the whole episodes, turning right and left without proper goal in mind of protagonist in his unstable youth. Everything from start to end is all about lost in love with only one gag break or two that it’s heavy to follow cautiously, especially with this nettlesome protagonist, Makoto who’s not just clueless, but slow and can’t make his mind up clearly. Began with Sekai helped Makoto to get closer with a girl he had a crush for, Kotonoha. As they started going out, Sekai kissed him and swayed his heart. There started their crinkly triangle love relationship full of bittersweet development on their School Days. スクールデイズ

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Rewrite Harvest festa!|リライト ハーヴェスト フェスタ! Review


Fall converges prolonging the point of no blight, omnipotence effloresce cultigen of branch blooming on encircled ever-present tree of flowerful hill. Complied with their line-up’s touchstone, the Key after project dubbed fandisc has come into fruition, irrigating the greenery-themed of masterpiece-hunger’s fallow soul with droplets of love and sugar. This blithe fun-oriented release provides no more than leafage of side stories merged with a few excerption of post-scenario. Remarkably special by so far on its own, the approach doesn’t focus solely on one opted heroine as all the heroine-rolling-Occult research club were not turned a blind eye to. Countdown to the peak of Kazamatsuri’s time of year, solacement in season of joy grants the truest blossom on the paths of those who had left indefinite. The radiance has yet to wither, light up the guidance of limitless possibilities by the petal of Rewrite – Harvest festa!___収穫の喜びを、君と。

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Ever17 Review


Pull out accomplishment of, in spite of a decade-old, a prominent-leading title lit a glimpse of time-space continuum notion. As how it reeked of what came to mind, yet talks of spacetime and causality never cease to slack out of my nerves, those collaborated with curiosity-driving and mind-twisting back-to-back enigma which pressure the riddles deeper branch after branch – makes the sophistication to the masterpiece. Adeptly arranged pieces of puzzles creating a close-to-perfection meticulous plot that has surely taken tremendous outburst of efforts I still get the shiver when thinking of how they precisely planned the plot’s blueprint down into each overshadow – creating a story to reach this mind-blowing level these days for what I believe is near impossible. That’s just how best it is on the field of mind-play that it deserves its remarkability, die Utopie, Ever17 –the out of infinity-.

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Eden 「グリザイアの楽園」|Grisaia no Rakuen Review


Engrafted deeper than it looms, the cliffhanging spectacle after the labyrinth’s exit way stretched its path lead the counter-roles off out the stepping stone to a completely different level of twist. Round up the series, slice of romance and problem-seeking phase put the focal point to 5 available heroines. To the next stage, after scenario of each route conclude reasonable satisfying resolution alongside the grand past of the protagonist himself. And now the time has come lastly to look on the gigantic tree pursuing the upshot. Launched a 180 degree spin of genre into action, the template of slice of life’s pretext has no longer to be used anymore. For the sake of it, this time, the header doesn’t use any nonsense talk-of-the-wise anymore, going straight to the point as the ephemeral g-force of exhilaration grows in グリザイアの楽園.

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Labyrinthe 「グリザイアの迷宮」|Grisaia no Meikyuu Review


Time flies. Walking and looking are two things hard to separate in case trying to get the optimal necessary points for reaching the destination. Keep straight, working hard to achieve aimed reward at later time, usually what wises suggest to keep in mind. True that people need to see what is there in front so path won’t sway away. Stay going to reach the line of which vicinity went along passing seconds to years, soon to be known as future. Road is not always flat and sky is not always in breeze. Railing the obstacles over it has been never easy and once one lost sight of it, difficulties will just bulge up, holding you down before finding the track back. However, regardless, it is not wrong to gaze back to the log of cells containing unchangeable memory of experiences occurred times ago that is past. Affect not physically, but mentally. Whatever embodiment and relish they were, past built one present self, amidst of happiness, sadness, fulfillment, and emptiness, everything at random which all are seen by reminiscence. Remorse comes easy out of thought, nonetheless not to be the root of weakness, but as the base of strength which then push us ahead following the flow of time. Likewise, the matter this time is specifically lies in the sequel of fruit ripened on the Grisaia’s branch. Aside of after stories given to each heroine, still keeping the orphic tropes,  the true branch of Grisaia showed its primordial path, all to be raveled in the labyrinth of grey tree, グリザイアの迷宮.

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Fruit 「グリザイアの果実」|Grisaia no Kajitsu Review


Life is philosophy alike. It is something manifested to and from complications God-only-knows for purpose at vaguest possible substance. Like it or not, whether decided from deliberation or mere pranks, we human have the life on the planet, fundamentally are restricted by mental rules and bound by physical limitations. Going for pros and cons of it is another matter at time given and judged from how time consuming just to stuff that inevitably raises utter objection to do it in such short time. Point is that it’s essential to know that any kind of entity formed to mix in the environment, stuffing life richer. Down to it remarkably scattered uncountable element that by any chance will make a life felt more complete, so putting a little spice of those into a VN would grant a feel of completeness in its own right. On another mark, all this pointless talk absolutely has nothing no to with anything and purely gibberish twisted idea of mine, influenced by the original template, but that also doesn’t mean nothing is related as there are many moral study one could gain. Then again, the words’ value is based on each perspective of how it is seen. For instance, – “The World Tree of Grisaia.” The name of the gray tree is Grisaia. They are fruits that ripened on the branch. But a flower is not bloom. – No matter how I look at it, these lines sound like a metaphor riddle refers to metaphysical standpoint which makes it Grisaia no Kajitsu.

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Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ Review

A continuation of a certain route from Clannad and the same time little nice service. Another degree opposing after story, this time with different heroine which by title itself is known for sure, Sakagami Tomoyo. Unlike the origin which requires lots of hours to enjoy, this on the contrary is short as it served suitably. An additional line on the title, ~It’s a Wonderful Life~, by looking at it, I took that undeniably the story would be about how beautiful and joyful life is. It’s Key here so, Knowing the other remaining heroine from Clannad, With same big involvement around the same theme, the story relates Tomoyo herself and her family, connecting each other and makes it a great side story, Tomoyo After,

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Moero Downhill Night 2 Review


With the same VN engine, identical gameplay, and similar interface, the successor of Moero Downhill Night entitled Moero Downhill Night 2 has been accomplished. Looking at the wrap up objectively, most aspects of this title is indeed improved compared to its predecessor especially the story. The story depth this time is a lot better than the failure of its older brother and more battle up ahead. Though so, the street races here didn’t propel much adrenaline. Most of them finished in a blink without drift of excitement. But stall not, this being an eroge this time became bolder in comparison and with sequential short events for each heroine cutting in the middle after every section of the main story, it more or less joyful regardless of cluttered chain of events. Took place in a different ridge, shift one generation up after doesn’t look that far ahead from first Downhill Night. Continue reading“Moero Downhill Night 2 Review”