この大空に、翼をひろげて|Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete Review


In passion chasing the providential phenomenon under the vast sky, yearn over the corridor of cloud was not by a long sight to be given up, though the wingless crawls. Fleeting might it seemed, they seek frame of liberation uprises discovery of beauty. And by that aspect engenders the standstills, soon more after its cycle. Inability has been the flapping cue up and further the other side that how grand it is defy one’s sense of stride withholding earthly strain. Far aspiration crosses broad as the sky spans, the admiration to it set a goal up higher on Morning Glory. From a small garage, a group’s working their path for purpose of soaring into the blue. They who roll in each own expertise giving all of theirs while hoping forward to that promised day. There’s falling serves a risk, fear halts conviction, and loss out of disorder. Even so, この大空に、翼をひろげて.


Saving myself the worry of this not running well was a shallow expectation. Pretty sure I had better version of DirectX since C@F, so didn’t think there would be a problem until “ADVプレイやHD has stopped working” alert box pop up in reaction to first in-game video looping, road cycling, failed its screening. Just this one little problem to deal by updating DirectX using one in installation image and the same time applying patch to version 1.02 and by that lost the opportunity to pinpoint the real cause behind it. Konosora, moving on.

KonoSora_2015-02-09_202941 KonoSora_2015-02-09_203018 KonoSora_2015-02-09_203033

Majestically soothe up feeling of tranquility and whilst not excite the hype, the title bgm sounds a profound profile of which tone does give the vibe to move one’s moral emotion positively. Its trance is like exposing the beauty of the world. So anticlimactic and calming at heart which probably good for stressful mind, if not lullaby. That slipped with scenery of pinwheel-ed green hill picture a slice of solitude in touch of nature. Blocking in front of them is the static simple interface built after minimal icons and low opacity shading. Tap into the configuration page, it’s not less a brought over to the next title release complete with gesture capability. Backlog page also sports usefulness of jump back to anywhere. Their UI improvements in the next project were seen from the looks or appropriately adjustment to the theme. Konosora is more straightforward in design shown with fewer icons. Respectively big buttons for in-game skip, auto, voice repeat, and configuration features were somewhat out of place and ruined the proportionality it’s supposed to be intended. They do provide simple mode for the text window, but why bother with non-default appearance. Other than preserving the native experience, other reason that it doesn’t feel right to have blue background and white font especially for this particular theme. Simple window being a perfect match around but uncomfortable to adapt was unfortunate.


Specifying the scope within plot’s subject of theme, all about glider and activities of soaring. A kind of hobby where one gets on glider and soars on the sky, searching for thermal to rise and keep gliding. It’s called a glider for a reason that normally one doesn’t pack engine to fly. Was thinking glider is just a theory on write myself until I browsed about it and found out there’s actually this kind of interest. Glider does exist and there are some method to launch it up. By winch for instance, long rope hooked on glider and winch pull the rope at speed high enough to produce aerodynamic force to glider’s wings, hence lift it up. Short put, the plot involved a certain club working hard to reach a certain objective driven by youth and passion of doing something valuable for themselves, fulfilling their dreams, without much an objectively rewarding practice.


Begin on the day of the protagonist’s, Aoi, arrival on Kazegaura city. Mesmerized of how a large scale development of natural energy research facilities had filled the empty hill before with pinwheels, he decided to stroll around and coincidentally dropped his hand a paper plane, which led him to a girl on a wheelchair, who actually sent the messaged paper plane. Repaired her flattened wheelchair’s tire, they separated after fascinating a view of flying glider and Aoi decided to go to his original destination. The place he arrived at appeared to be an all-girls dormitory, a worn out classic mansion named Tobiuo Villa. Aoi who was assigned to be the dorm mother there somehow got his permission to do so from 3 poorly introduced lodgers and Kanako. One other lodger appeared to be Kotori, the girl who he helped early in the day.

KonoSora-bg02_01b KonoSora-bg03_01b KonoSora-bg04_01b KonoSora-bg05b_05b

Keifu Technical College is a school primed for technology engineering where majors provided all related around there. How it’s designed by a famous designer could be seen from the gorgeous architecture, featuring curve and elegance of modernity. This is the school where the protagonist started his day of becoming a transfer student. Reunited with his childhood friends – Ageha on the way and Masakiji soon after -, found a garage where he met a girl – said to be super repeater Amane – seriously drawing some design, and learned Kotori’s behavior with the school were Aoi’s first step of his daily student life. In a chance keeping Kotori in attending school, they ended up in a garage taking a look at a glider and found that it’s the glider they saw back then. Informed that the flight was failed and broke some parts in result though, which Aoi helped his quickly acquainted Amane-senpai obtain a diaphragm from his older childhood friend, Tatsuya. It’s then another problem concerning 4 people at minimum for requirement of using the garage, which actually a place dedicated for soaring club of which member only Amane alone. While Aoi decided to join out of interest and Ageha because it looks fun, Kotori didn’t. Knowing that she was about to resign from school, Aoi talked about his accident in the past that lost him everything just like Kotori told him about hers. His words of encouragement wasn’t enough to change her plan though as she went to the garage to return what said to be Amane’s before her withdrawal. A flight log in form of notebook filled with diary and wish list along with a picture of some kind of cloud. The Morning Glory cloud, the huge corridor of cloud referred in the notebook has convinced Kotori to join the soaring club.

KonoSora_PV_01.26_[2015.03.12_21.18.18] S

The PV, according to how they technically put it, was conformably pertinent without much of heavy transitions in-between. The main point was to encase the overall contents in general as it left lots of specifics which probably effete in early. Flat mnemotechnical imageries used pretty much a single object – glider – representing what the story about, with airy setting of pinwheel from designing to flying. Characters introduction didn’t waste any space as pinning heroines in highlight into background settings withstanding flowing air. I’d call it simple and clean, aside from not overwhelming, it didn’t spoil any even in moderate with just less than 5 CG previewed in. That’s the opening with Perfect Sky accompanying the theme.

KonoSora_2015-02-21_150356 KonoSora_2015-03-16_011215

Being surrounded by socially capable achiever allowed anything big to happen, just like how the story is full of people of the sort that was motivating and the same time made a feel of being worthless myself. Along everyday comedy and daily progress, there were times when knowledge dump slipped in. The most basic instance was the explanation to lift potential on aerodynamics theory. It’s actually a fun part and couldn’t help myself glancing at immense science under Bernoulli’s principle. Some industrial thing included why making a glider preferred the advantage of FRP over other materials. The later part explained the reason behind the redesign of new glider’s wings that derived from main purpose of glider as opposed to aeroplane or jet, if I got it correct. Some necessary other terms related to glider were included as well when chance allows it. For the writing I had nothing to complain as I opted for native experience in priority over more readable English of Moenovel. It’s not their too literal translation bother me since I prefer to extract the original context myself over slightly different-in-implication localization. I myself am not in position to talk though actually since my English as seen isn’t that well-formed. Objectively, somewhat I picked up the rage over this shenanigan. It looked funny to read and worse than wikipedia’s simple English. The biggest annoyance was how they screwed names and way of calling someone. Translating surname to given name lost its purpose already. Worst of the worst, using “senior” in place of “senpai” absolutely doesn’t cut it. It’s basically nightmare of culture disaster. At least it didn’t actually screw at points of perspective change, did it? Where narration of thought shift to another character indication-less.


The protagonist, Minase Aoi (水瀬碧), is a young man who excels in athletic, cycling in particular, before an accident during his tournament happened. He once moved from his hometown, Kazegaura and enrolled in a certain school thanks to his physics record or something along the lines. Had he lost his dream, Aoi’s allowed to move back in condition he had to manage Tobiuo-sou, a property owned by his mom, as a dorm mother. It’s more to his mom’s convenience in the time the previous dorm mother fell sick and too old for the job, and finding a substitute wasn’t that easy that the chance was right on the problem. Hence his circumstances. As soaring club’s member, he’s in responsible for piloting the glider, making his activity riding virtual glider in simulator software developed by Amane. From all experience so far, Aoi’s not specially bright person, but a quick learner and hard-worker. He accomplished his job by long effort and patience, not by inborn talent or any instant approach. Like how he once reached 3rd position in a cycling tournament was due his hard practice. It’s not like he’s that interested with glider in the first place, but he excerpted effort to learn and actually went as far taking private lessons and obtained a license along the way. He’s being not too deeply philosophical and pointlessly emotional perhaps one of his strong point in resolving problems. In most cases, his down-the-earth answers opened hints for the actual person in question herself to see, find, experience, and solve it.


Common story involved daily club activities in making wings for the glider as they aim to fly above the Morning Glory. Amane’s handwork was proven to be awful, so she was enforced not to help Ageha and Kotori and instead keep working on her blueprint. Ageha as robotic club’s member well-versed in FRP, so she’s in charge of leading the main wing build with Kotori under her guidance. Test flight before was done by Amane herself as the pilot, though she’s actually acrophobic and clumsy that necessary backup would be needed. So came Aoi’s role as a pilot. His job during main wings production was to forge his piloting skill using glider flight simulator provided as Amane-built software application. Overall progress went smooth before exam session and Ageha’s less participation slowing the works behind schedule together with revelation of Amane’s under-the-agreement retirement at the end of summer break. Ageha proposed to have a training camp and so they crunched overtime. Their first test flight proceeded as the main wings reached completion.

KonoSora_2015-03-16_003038 KonoSora_2015-03-16_003433 KonoSora_2015-03-16_003625 KonoSora_2015-03-16_003730

Graphical effects were awesome, even better than C@F which mostly used video to do some cool images animation. Konosora did use some short video, a few looping one like road cycling and pouring rain, in a way they weren’t abused in exchange of user experience. Combined with proper animation, the correct sequencing resulted some spectacular. The simplest was flying paper plane and glider, then angle animation of plane’s basic movement control, and the greatest of all, the zooming and panning by the pilot’s perspective. Of course not to forget the in-vehicle vibration. Not all step covered, though still awesome enough to experience what it feels flying with a glider visually. Began with animation of hood closing once we on protagonist’s perspective was in the cockpit. Once winch pulling at strong velocity, vision shook and blurred along the runway as giving a feeling of moving fast forward. The first experience felt thrilling, exciting as it rose the tension and feel of success. It kept escalating by sliding the right knot and dove up. The angle shifted above pointing to the sky visualizing glider in takeoff state. Safe departure released the towing rope and left maneuvering work for the rest. Pitching up would pan the view higher and doing a roll would turn the angle of the cockpit. The experience was just right cutting through the cloud.


Reddish sky signed the coming Morning Glory in the late of summer break. Still dark in the early morning, soaring club prepared their awaiting flight and launched in the dawn. The pilots were Amane and Aoi as usual. They need to go higher by taking advantage of thermal. As the sun slowly rose, the long rolling cloud was clearly seen. The hard struggle took them down and up in search of good thermal, rounding even far to pinwheel hill area to make use of ridge lift. Just a little height to go after they took a shot from below and the glider stalled, falling at rapid nose dive. Fortunate that Aoi had been trained to recover from that sort of disaster, they regained control back. Alas, their time was up. The corridor of cloud had dispersed into thinness as Amane convinced herself it’s enough already for her to give up Isuka’s promise.


Amane retired as planned. Aoi decided to keep the club running and someday reach the promised Morning Glory, but. Some days after, they found the garage in ruins, demolished without warning by antagonist of the plot, Tobioka. Aoi even so had his spirit determined together with Ageha and Kotori after retrieved one sheet of paper from the wreckage, Amane’s finished blueprint of new glider model.

KonoSora_OP_00.26_[2015.03.14_04.34.47] KonoSora_OP_00.29_[2015.03.14_04.34.52] KonoSora_OP_00.35_[2015.03.14_04.35.07] KonoSora_OP_00.40_[2015.03.14_04.35.15] KonoSora_OP_00.41_[2015.03.14_04.35.19]


The second opening, aka the main opening. Of course this one had the quality of an awesome opening far than the PV that’s capable to re-enlighten the mood, else than once again hyped over having multiple openings for a title the way C@F did. Transition variant was unruffled, animation was impressive, and content encompassed richer, wider scope. With strong type romanji under kanji, fonts render swiftly eye-catching altogether color blends in transition. As design phase has been over, focus this time was dedicated for gliding and soaring the glory, if not, Kotori. As the foremost heroine herself, this opening probably was meant for her as the true lining indeed involved her as the central. Still along the fondness to pinwheel, visual picturing swept through not the base blueprint, but the glider in whole itself. Introduction to main heroines used their respective CG and expanding the rest, sub-chara who supported indispensable role in the story got introduced at glance. Left aside little spoiling CG, how decent they’re arranged didn’t even matter those trivial as they’re nicely matching the theme and perfectly keeping up the tempo. At one point it’s like telling even someone like Kotori could fly up her dream.


Time advanced one year after their last flight. Their club’s practically disbanded because some teachers opposed the idea and they lacked of members since then. By some method they managed to take back, or technically stole, the glider which was supposed to be donated to museum year ago. As well they had been secretly gathering parts from money earned by working part time. They still didn’t have the right place to start the work and necessary tools for test flight to boot, not to mention they had no permission to use the field. Around that time came sudden two new lodger to Tobiuo-sou, Kazato twin sisters, ane one Asa and imouto one Yoru. Troubled that Aoi had to move the glider that’s actually hidden in supposed-to-be Kazato-sisters room, Asa as avid glider fan offered them a win-win solution. She permitted free use of a dock owned by her grandfather in condition that they let her joined soaring club. Her story of how she moved to yearn grew by the time she spectated a certain glider flying in aim to a line of clouds quickly welcomed her to the club. Few days following club activities resumption, Akari as student council president now passed down permit for them to run their usual and had the right for the glider back to soaring club. In rejoice of fully revival to soaring club, Aoi, Kotori, Ageha, and Asa followed by Yoru began their construction to newly designed glider.


Routing had no riddle and easy as typical. One choice might lock one and unlock another or vice versa. Going for the aimed route simply just focus to that heroine’s favor and since most the choices literally put the girls’ name in instead of ambiguous place movement, no try and retry loop needed. Routes available on first gameplay only two though, Kotori and Ageha. Clearing one would then opened Amane and Asa, while clearing Asa route would unlock last selection to Asa-Yoru route. Each route differs in how many choices offered, like how Amane skipped post-common route and went kinetic after end of common route, makes her less few choices. Or Asa-Yoru route which split in the late into Asa route herself or Asa-Yoru route. A funny choices, the fourth one, actually works like a fate changer, determining which person in duty whilst they actually had the shift schedule for it.


Habane Kotori (羽々音小鳥), tsundere who claimed herself a cool beauty. While it’s partially true, that figure quickly dissolved from looking at her funny doing. She’s originally not a cold person, but her disability put people around her being too careful to herm particularly the teacher who pitied her explicitly that she felt isolated. She got her accident two years before Aoi moved in, a hot-air balloon failure that ripped sense to her feet, hence the wheelchair. Because convenience of Keifu College being barrier-free was one reason she moved to Kazegaura and transferred in. Her attitude was coolly straightforward, jab back to those directing animosity to her without backing down. Kotori might be a strong-willed girl in manner of not having herself too affected by others’ pointless impressions, but she’s a worrywart crybaby inside. She’s a pessimist and too self-conscious to think people would easily hate her. Kotori had this tendency of being baselessly arrogant that was actually motivating instead and I perceive it as her cute side of priding herself. She also acted in actual rather than stay an unproductive worry, like where she, out of misunderstanding, invited a talk with Ageha and sincerely begged her to not quitting the club. She did call herself not an honest person, but she’s sweet enough an honest girl for able to go that far. More of her honesty was seen during her times alone with person she trust. Her route was undoubtedly the most heart-throbbing, not to mention the soft romance under the sky. I really like the way action proved Aoi’s care to Kotori and how she appreciated it deeply in her heart. How come she made the best central route wasn’t just from her unique circumstances, but the tense thrills spilled at once and the excitement of conquering all of them in one climax. Teamwork really had its showdown boosted here, not to forget the whole participation of all available character. Each of soaring club member worked sweat out their roles, intellectually, physically, and emotionally that made distinct bungee launch a success. All those granted them the most beautiful conclusion above the glory.


HImegi Ageha (姫城あげは), well-spirited easygoing osananajimi of Aoi. Look active at first, but actually a proactive once favor’s on her side. Somewhat typical sporty genki girl and nimble engineer at heart. Her principle was that she won’t do without fun. She saw Aoi as someone who was fun to be around and always been together at childhood which one reason she quit robot club and fully dedicated her time for soaring club. Clueless Aoi once confessed his too-young love and rejected. Her route didn’t touch matter of glider too much and circling around weird approach directed by Ageha in order to evade Tobioka’s attention to soaring club. Her imouto, Hotaru had her screen time a lot here. Some roundabout methods were used like making Aoi a rumored philanderer and involvement to many clubs that somewhat sounded troublesome. In the end, the overall impression was indeed troublesome to follow just because Ageha concealed too many things and pointlessly stubborn for a certain reason. Her concern was so mundane and relation with Aoi itself was awkward at best. Weirdly in spite so, she’s charming and could be even prettier if not for her overhyped obsession. She being in leading charge contrasted her supportive role in Kotori route a lot. Perhaps this was how being in Kotori’s position felt like. Discounting Kanako, she stood as the prettiest that it’s unbelievable she’s said to be rough like a boy at child. Ought to be another remarkable route if not linear plot in aim to Morning Glory. Her extraordinary effort deserved something more a dramatic development rather than another alternative with auto-tow.


Mochidzuki Amane (望月天音), the infamous super-repeater and a genius who often mocked herself an idiot. Not sure if she’s that weird. But since people others said so, she maybe was. Kind of bad at communicating and was lack of social sense, also clumsy and poor at handiwork. Her concentration at work was amazing to the point of forgetting three days’ worth of meals. It’s really amusing looking at her digging her food greedily after forgetting three day’ worth of meals due her to her amazing working concentration. Amane didn’t feel any ‘color’ of the world, living her life flat before she met Isuka. Isuka was the girl who coincidentally found a photo of Morning Glory and touched by it. Together with Amane they worked as soaring club from there. Amane didn’t feel like cooperating at first since she suffered acrophobia and didn’t see possibility of Isuka’s target to reach above the Morning Glory hit considering the extreme rarity of that phenomenon manifest. Amane herself was starting to feel the ‘color’ of the world as she spent her time with Isuka, being told by her Amane’s an idiot for not getting her intents.


Isuka was a physically weak girl who in contrary with Amane’s self-awareness of her own expertise, Isuka ventured for things she wanted to do and assess them according to results she got. Amane just like years after was designing a glider and Isuka the pilot. Tatsuya as expected from his specialty worked on the glider’s wings. One day in summer break, Isuka on her own rode on test flight and crashed a landing accident. She has been missing since then, leaving Amane alone at shock. That’s about the reason of why Amane kept repeating years working at the garage in hope of welcoming Isuka back, rejecting people to the point rumor mentioned she being a misanthropist.


Amane route received some distinct treatments than others while pertained to the same linear plot aim. Without having the garage demolished means no main opening movie. Her route immediately curved the turning point the moment she left the garage on her retirement. Piece by piece of her times with Isuka flashed back throughout the story and finally the part where the antagonist put in there’s-reason-for-everything position. Basically it’s from the beginning of revival to soaring club back on Amane’s generation until all the solution to Isuka’s mysterious disappearance. Looking at it entirely, Amane might as well be the protagonist in trouble this time. There’s a lot where point of view shifted to her narrating her ponder. Pretty refreshing that Kotori having similar experience like Isuka greatly helped Amane’s worry instead of the protagonist himself. Another key person in this route was Tatsuya. Not just his clever ratiocination from sharp intuition and excellent observation helped some parts of Amane’s hesitation, as well he outsmarted Isuka’s whereabouts and successfully directed the best possible resolution for Amane.


Kazato Asa (風戸亜紗), clumsy and timid one of the older twin. She really cared about others and quick to befriend anyone. She’s one odd between all her relatives who mostly high achievers. Unlike them, she’s born talentless that’s the root of her self-abhorrence. She although struggled hard on that kind of environment with all her effort. Asa’s a sentimentalist one and got weird taste to boot. She’s easily touched and moved by romantic things and didn’t like relating such things with rational reasoning. Her love to glider grew the times she watched the glider Aoi and Amane flew the last year.


Her pre-route, specifically to another one with Yoru while at it, was about steps to understanding the prominence of chasing over the sky, beyond the glory. The chain of opinions from one character through another conveyed some significance indirectly without one actually knowing it. Aoi himself actually stood as relay between those twins who actually had unapparent problem in-between aside from their own concern. Asa herself troubled by her own careless mistakes which taught her self-abhorrence, while Yoru had difficulty in understanding what youth meant to be. To some problems, it’s Kanako’s turn for being the key person this time. There’s a lot of her participation, both in the dorm and as unregistered member of soaring club. She’s a simple-minded to speak, in a really good way I love it. Her words were easy to understand and explanations also self-explanatory in themselves that the meaning didn’t need to be reinterpreted. The protagonist actually learned from her and reused that in place for his answer to others. I like that part of him.


Asa route on its own split after selection of post-route choices. To be blunt, there’s actually nothing noteworthy other than little chat with Kanako where she told some of hers. Story passed by lovey-dovey time with this cute imouto. There’s no more problem coming, so might as well counted as a service which lead to a not-so-good ending.


Kazato Yoru (風戸依瑠), kuudere genius who didn’t like to mindlessly getting involved with her sister affair, but then voluntarily and earnestly helping out. She’s in fact a complete opposite from Asa just like how their names sounded. A logical one excluded even social desire. She didn’t care about anyone else but her first-prioritized sister. Yoru’s not someone who easily moved by sentimental matter, she do something with calculation – give and take – cost and profit – in mind. She slowly changed though, just like anything could happen for love things people always say.


Yoru-Asa route involved both to be subjects of Aoi’s two-timing. Glad they didn’t get by run-of-the-mill development. That though had no balance between those twins. Yoru’s character development affected a lot of decision this round while of course still the same Morning Glory aim. A problem properly introduced here in compensation of Asa route exists just for stage time balancing. Again here, Aoi learned important thing from Yoru. Well, she stole all the good parts, leaving the protagonist in dust, really.


After all of those, it’s impossible to not raise a question about the logical of this soaring club. One factor that would eliminate lots of problem and remove unnecessary antagonist behavior toward them. One element that by all means to be an absolute bottom layer to every design. It is none other than “security”. There’s none of this supported the glider design. Considering how modern the setting is, it’s laughable that safety of the glider was never an issue in talk, but death was. At least prepare a parachute and if they didn’t have the budget, it’s a no-go from start. Too many forced problem just from this.


Some information, although trivial, wasn’t something to randomly attached at late. Might it break no overall consistency, it did – in almost period of the story. Yoru’s more passive behavior on Kotori route was enough an acceptance degree, but to put necessary explanation after a long doubt through the story is not a wise idea. It’s like the pieces were forgotten until revision phase and just suitably embedded at random chance. Tasaki is one example to be forgotten that he actually had a girlfriend, but for the sake of plot development, he’s turned flirtatious to Akari. No necessarily true but he probably really was forgotten since his role wasn’t big in the first place.


Kotori and Amane are two must clear route. Those two cover what the title is all about with Kotori as central lining and Amane for all unveiling to unraveled fact behind the club. The other would feel repetitive if not for the sake of the heroine. Why so, with all 5 available routes, all of them, yes ALL of them chase over the same ending. Aiming for the Morning Glory cloud was a fantastic idea, until it reduce a great impression of it. Variant to the same ending is nice, but there’s part where it screwed a possibly better alternative. At least Kotori was a special one and getting her first was the best idea to experience the highest excitement.


The name – Sweet Love – explains everything. Little fan services without important details to the main story.


Timescape 4 prologue 7 common 10 Kotori 6 Ageha 6 Amane 11 Asa-Yoru

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