雨音スイッチ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~|Amane Switch Review


Sound of rain has always been torrent of dissonance splatters, proofing overlapping noise of surrounding chatter. Perhaps that’s how I like when the substances close to purity paragon pour its phenomenon. Sad to depict romanticistic, the precipitation fall open to taint of impurity, might it be a speck of drip, overflowing fountain, or puddle of melted snow, and to its end vanished to drain of sunshine. On the dramatic irony to characters involvement, concluded that hypocrite just don’t blend with sick innocent, moreover with overly-self-deception which they then recourse halfway. Outpoured with sorrows, fake benevolence, pitiful detestation, and negative else, despite so, the psychology excites emotion comes as value of the storyline’s calibre, flooding my mind with incongruity to heartbreaking overcast, Amane Switch.


To general views to rain, apparently this one associated as well with gloomy settings where not the soundtracks help much, the same with smooth prelude to hysteria without any op or ed movie. The gameplay duration might not so time-consuming, especially since I have no more care to side chara’s worthless talks after following loyal flag with the main heroine. The sprites figure though added with live eyes blink effect, the art unfortunately not up to my standard. At least the CG is great enough to compensate.


The plot isn’t so much enjoyable and fun on common point of view to put it blunt. Some parts fragmented this into utsuge category, and if rethink what the story is about, then it is. In retrospect, the pitiful sob story brought the darkness of life, concerning a certain girl burdened with misfortunes which screwed her into madness. Definitely not a thoughtless should take for fun.


In a certain town I didn’t notice if they even gave a name for it, in 修栄学園 (how do I pronounce this?), the protagonist, 水島慎二/Mizushima Shinji, living his so normal days I don’t get why he’d chosen as class representative for he apparently one of incapable, until a transfer student rolled in at typical unusual period, entangling the protagonist’s red string of fate for a drastic flip on his life. And here I thought I’ve just accomplished C@F. Once the incompetent protagonist had a girlfriend but not much understanding of love and took obligation as lover is a troublesome thing on his gaming-youth, 峰岸陽子/Minegishi Youko has now being his ex-girlfriend. Apparently pretty popular, Youko kept still approaching Shinji with her bright and cheerful personality. The incompetent protagonist has been so incompetent and his way of solving problem too much opposing my principle, furthermore he’s a hypocrite and holding a half-assed sense of justice that I refuse to mention his name other than once above. He’s an exact personification of ‘normal’ human, ignorant to the abnormal side of contrivance particularly perversion. Perhaps this is the first time I feel so much hetare on a chara even though he’s probably not, but still ‘incompetent protagonist’ is what I’ll call him from hereon. As expected from his sweet talk, the transfer student, Amane fell for him. Related to bully Youko – Amane’s childhood classmate who back then bullied her -,  木崎泉/Kizaki Izumi the student council president with her imouto木崎雫/Kizaki Shizuku – whose father-in-law was actually Amane’s father who always tortured and raped those 2 sisters and rob their mother’s money just to funding his hated daughter as form of repentance -, and水島雪華/Mizushima Yukika – the incompetent protagonist’s sister who knew the fact that the incompetent protagonist’s father’s death was from helping Amane’s mother -, Amane turned into subject to bully and torment of her surrounding’s anguish. Hence befell her already excruciating life – deluge of misery.


里中雨音/Satonaka Amane, the transfer student as main heroine. Sweet and oddly entrancing, she who really fond of rain had never used umbrella as perceiving the rain itself was her mother scattered happiness. For that reason her sprites’ getup exposed enough challenge for me to suppress my concupiscence. At first she appeared to be a docile girl, until the point she fell in love and flipped her inner switch. In a nutshell, yandere – is the most appropriate term for her character. That’s just the icing on the cake though, as her main problem wasn’t just jealousy to an extreme degree, but her mental illness which made her so frail to the point of kept attempting to kill herself on every desperate moment. Just reminiscing her tragic appearance is more than a tearjerker. Being raised in a broken family as well wretched surrounding and environment. being alone without having any ally but her fragile-minded mother who then killed herself, and been enduring vile living since forever, it’s excusable if she became psychologically disordered from all those downpour. Her insanity is all reason I fall for her, for honest I’m weak to this kind of girl and between all similar circumstances – School Days for instance, Amane’s tendencies fits too well into my most lovable type. Wonder though if it’s just me who is abnormal (I suppose) enough to still see this sickly heroine lovely. That said even after seeing the funeral wedding which I find it inhumanly stimulating, or perhaps it’s leaning more toward amusing with novelistic out-of-sense development. Though, the latter is likely to be an excuse of my partially uncorrupted mind.


The side characters didn’t help themselves to be in a justifiable zone, completely. Youko didn’t look like a good choice with her behavior far from favor. Might as well the worst with her being double-faced and detestable bully only to wear her so-cute mask in front of the incompetent protagonist. Izumi and Shizuku weren’t forgivable at all, have done detestable act of framing Amane for the sake of revenge and even rob money out of her. Even though it’s originally their mother’s money, not knowing those who suffer greater than them, their egotism was not better than Youko. At least they had a loving family exclude their father-in-law, as sisters trying to protect each other. Yukika, despite not much into detestable act than others, she judged others one-sidedly, stereotyping people like she wish. Some of her point might sounded correct, but actually not as she’s just another hypocrite somewhere. In the end, it’s all about discrimination toward the weak, without a profound understanding on the other party’s circumstance. Not sure if it’s for the best, but deep inside I’m glad there’s no true ending where the incompetent protagonist live happily ever after with Amane other than all the bad endings, for his hypocrisy leaked out which lead to the first tragic end. The rest are mostly tragic and from them all, the main points are that all resulted on the incompetent protagonist’s break down whilst some I took it as Amane’s relief of her long harsh and cruel journey.


Timescape 10

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